Top 7 holiday destinations of 2016


Every year the favorite holiday destinations change. This can be due to political reasons, economic condition, and other factors. Here is the list of the top holiday destinations this year.

Canary Islands

You can experience the ultimate tan here. If you are looking for sun, peace, and tranquility, then this is the place you must visit. Tenerife is the best choice for beach and on-budget holiday. You will love the pristine golden beaches and the turquoise waters.


If you are looking for some adventures, then you should go to Greece. It is a beautiful island with the prettiest beach in Greece. One of the reasons is because there is an infamous shipwreck that is resting on its shore. There are limestone cliffs that look amazing. It is a popular place for base jumpers.


For a family vacation, Mexico is the best place this year. It has lovely beaches and lots of tourist attractions. You will find many exciting activities for the whole family. You can snorkel through the biggest underwater sculpture museum and visit numerous adventure parks with your children. You can also visit historical places.


The medieval stone walls of Dubrovnik are a must-see. It is a lovely coastal city with a very distinctive history. It is known as Old Town. It was chosen as the backdrop for Game of Thrones. By visiting this place, you can bring back the fantasy characters to life.


If you love partying, then you will enjoy the Balearic Islands in Menorca. It has many rooftop bars where you can party all evening and night. You will view the best sunset here.


It is one of the best places to visit if you love mountains. It is the home of The Everest. For an adventurous tour, you can go trekking up The Everest. You can also go for a safari in Chitwan.


It is the cultural hub of Europe. Food lovers go to Lisbon for eating delicious food. You can go on river cruise. You will love to visit the small villages in Portugal. It has beautiful beaches, palaces and natural beauty.

All these places are diverse in terms of natural beauty, culture and people. You should choose a destination depending on who you are traveling and what kind of holiday you want to have. Before visiting these places, you should check the weather of these places so that you can make most out of your holiday. You can contact travel agents to book a trip for you to one or more of these destinations. Remember to plan ahead to get the best deals travel and hotel.

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  1. Lula T. Innes Reply

    Your right about checking the weather first, because its not good if you can’t enjoy your vacation due to rain.

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