Top 5 tips to consider when flying with children

Many people cancel their vacation because of their small children. They think it’s going to be impossible to fly with children. However, with the following advice, you will be able to have a great vacation with your young one.

Sort out your seats

It is better to fly with an airline which lets you pre-book your seats. There are websites which let you pick the seats before flying. The seat you are going to book depends on your need, whether you want to be the first one to get off the plane after landing, or need more leg space, or need to seat near the toilet. With a child having more leg room is an important factor to consider. If possible, it is a good idea to get an additional seat for your toddler.

Do the packing wisely

You should consider things like food spills, sickness, etc. before flying. Make sure that you are ready for any incident. You should remember to take baby wipes, medication, plastic bags, extra clothing, etc. in your hand luggage. You should of inflatable pillow. You can ask for a wheelchair at the airport if you find it difficult to walk with your toddler.

Make sure your luggage is properly secured

Many people write their name and address on the luggage. This will grab attention, and people might break into your house. So, avoid writing these. Put colored ribbons or something to identify your luggage. You can buy a luggage tracker and track your luggage using apps on your mobile device.

Pre-book security fast track and priority boarding

As you are carrying toddler or children, long wait in the queue may annoy them, and they may start crying. To avoid such situation, you should pre-book the security fast track. This option lets you avoid lengthy queues at the security. You can go for priority boarding so that you can get enough room to keep all your hand luggage before the compartments fill up.

Timely feeding

Small children may get uncomfortable due to change in air pressure. You should feed your child when there is no fluctuation in air pressure. You can give your child a lollypop to suck during taking off and landing.

These tips will help you to travel comfortably with your toddler. You won’t have the worst travel experience after all if you follow this advice.

3 thoughts on “Top 5 tips to consider when flying with children

  1. Melvin N. Thomas Reply

    Yes, thank you for this advice. It makes easier for me since I planned to bring my kids to other country.

  2. Johnie W. Moree Reply

    I admit bringing kids when flying is hard and hassle, as they tend to move alot, and sometimes disturb other passengers.

  3. Bertha G. Palmer Reply

    The Idea of Pre-book is really great, since toddlers are annoying sometimes.

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