Top 4 holiday packing tips that will make your journey comfortable


Many of us don’t know how to pack for holidays. So, we get into trouble and uncomfortable situations when we reach our destinations. You have to know how to pack properly to make your holiday experience a pleasant one.

Use every little space

You should place heavier items like sweaters and jeans at the bottom of the suitcase. Small items like undergarments and socks should be put at last. The rule of thumb is first to fill up the suitcase with larger items and then with the smaller ones. You can fill up the hollows in your suitcase later with shoes.

You should remember the rule for carrying liquid items

It can be a dreadful experience if the security officer at the airport throws away your favorite lotion. To skip such incident, you should make sure that containers containing liquid are below 3 sources and are fit into a one-quart clear plastic zip-top bag. You should keep this bag on top of your hand luggage so that you can take it out easily if the security officer wants to check it.

Remember the rules regarding tools

You are not allowed to carry tools like knivesl or sharp scissors. You can carry disposable razors, tweezers, nail clippers, knitting needles, etc., but you should still check out the rules of these items in airport websites.

Don’t take too many shoes

You should not pack your suitcase with too many shoes. Two pairs of shoes are enough: one for the practical purpose and one for the style purpoes. You should take at least one flat shoe so that you can walk comfortably for a long time.

You should make a packing list before you start packing. It will ensure that you don’t forget to take important items like medicine, camera, mobile chargers, etc. You can wear the bulkier items to the airport, like your jacket, instead of putting it in your suitcase. After you have finished packing, take the weight of your suitcase to see it doesn’t exceed the maximum weight limit of the airline.

4 ways to plan your vacation this year


The year is coming to an end, and you haven’t gone for any vacation yet this year. It’s time that you plan your vacation now. Here are four smart ways to plan your vacation.

Compare options


You should check several sites to compare hotel, flight, and vacation package prices. This will help you to cut the middle man when planning a holiday. You can get a cheaper ticket if you book from the airline directly. You can get special discount on a hotel if you call them up directly.

For cruises consult a travel agent


If you are planning a cruise, then it’s better you ask a travel agent to arrange it for you. Travel agents have good relationships with cruise lines, and so you will get discounted rate. There are many parts in a cruise, like flight, transfer to the ship, etc. If one part goes wrong, for example, your flight is delayed then the travel agent can fix everything for you again.

Choose places to visit


It is not possible to visit every single tourist destination in one vacation. So, before you start your journey decide which places you want to visit. Check out the website for tickets and opening hours so that you don’t miss out.

Make a budget


If you don’t make a budget, then you will spend an unlimited amount of money on your vacation. You should make a budget and stick to it so that you don’t get into any financial stress when you come back home.

You should plan well ahead before your vacation. You can get good discounts on airlines and hotels if you book in advance. So, you should take these opportunities.

Top 7 holiday destinations of 2016


Every year the favorite holiday destinations change. This can be due to political reasons, economic condition, and other factors. Here is the list of the top holiday destinations this year.

Canary Islands

You can experience the ultimate tan here. If you are looking for sun, peace, and tranquility, then this is the place you must visit. Tenerife is the best choice for beach and on-budget holiday. You will love the pristine golden beaches and the turquoise waters.


If you are looking for some adventures, then you should go to Greece. It is a beautiful island with the prettiest beach in Greece. One of the reasons is because there is an infamous shipwreck that is resting on its shore. There are limestone cliffs that look amazing. It is a popular place for base jumpers.


For a family vacation, Mexico is the best place this year. It has lovely beaches and lots of tourist attractions. You will find many exciting activities for the whole family. You can snorkel through the biggest underwater sculpture museum and visit numerous adventure parks with your children. You can also visit historical places.


The medieval stone walls of Dubrovnik are a must-see. It is a lovely coastal city with a very distinctive history. It is known as Old Town. It was chosen as the backdrop for Game of Thrones. By visiting this place, you can bring back the fantasy characters to life.


If you love partying, then you will enjoy the Balearic Islands in Menorca. It has many rooftop bars where you can party all evening and night. You will view the best sunset here.


It is one of the best places to visit if you love mountains. It is the home of The Everest. For an adventurous tour, you can go trekking up The Everest. You can also go for a safari in Chitwan.


It is the cultural hub of Europe. Food lovers go to Lisbon for eating delicious food. You can go on river cruise. You will love to visit the small villages in Portugal. It has beautiful beaches, palaces and natural beauty.

All these places are diverse in terms of natural beauty, culture and people. You should choose a destination depending on who you are traveling and what kind of holiday you want to have. Before visiting these places, you should check the weather of these places so that you can make most out of your holiday. You can contact travel agents to book a trip for you to one or more of these destinations. Remember to plan ahead to get the best deals travel and hotel.